Alexei Kizerev Appointed Head of Yekaterinburg Customs

1 November 2011 (09:21)

Under the order of Russia’s Federal Customs Service, former Head of Kurgan Customs Alexei Kizerev was appointed Head of Yekaterinburg Customs.

Alexei Kizerev was born in Pervouralsk, Sverdlovsk Region, in 1973. He graduated from Ural State Law Academy in 1996 and from the Russian Customs Academy in 2001. He has held various positions in the customs system since 1996, starting as Class II inspector at Urals Customs Administration Customs Value & Currency Control Department.

Mr. Kizerev has medals ‘For Customs Service’ (III degree), Russia’s Federal Customs Service’s honorary certificate, and an award pin for excellent service.

He is married and has one son.

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