Olips presents its projects at conference on chain development in Moscow

29 June 2007 (10:16)

Olips, one of local developers, presented its projects related to creating mall concepts at a conference on chain development in Moscow. The presentation was made by the company’s Financial Director Boris Terentiev and Sales Director Svetlana Putsigova. The country’s best consultants (including GVA Vice President Evelina Ishmetova and Ilya Shuravin of S. A. Ricci and King Sturge) spend several hours scrutinizing the projects and giving advice on improvements.

'We chose to speak on two of our projects: Dirigible Mall and Parkoviy Trade and Entertainment Center. The new concept of the former provides for a ‘re-concept’ of the existing section and the construction of an extension. This is expected to result in a nice modern two-stage Dirigible Mall. This mall concept was highly praised by both the conference workshop attendants and the board of experts, who believe it will help Olips complete the task successfully. As for Parkoviy, a large multifunctional trade center built on the site of a former market, the challenge lies in the fact that another mall, just as large, is to be put up just next to it, which means the concept of Parkoviy must be particularly unconventional and creative,’ Ms Putsigova said to a UrBC reporter.

The board of experts had to consider this proximity when coming up with their recommendations, so this was their final decision:

'We could bring the competition to the minimum with the help of some traditional marketing tools. In addition, we have the advantage of knowing the concept our rivals will be using, as theirs is a well-known chain store. Given the clever marketing, two large malls in one place could synergize rather than compete with each other. Instead of luring the customers away in two different directions, they could create one of Yekaterinburg’s busiest trade quarter that will ensure a great influx of shoppers,’ Mr. Terentiev said.

Olips is currently finalizing the two concepts with the help of Cushman&Wakefield Stiles&Riabokobylko, the world’s leading experts in the field.

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