34% of region’s power lines to become worn out by 2010

Most of Russia’s power engineering equipment has already become over-aged. 31.8% of Russian turbines, for example, were made in 1971-1980, 23.8% were produced in 1961-1970, 8.7% have been operating since shortly after the Second World War, and only 2.4% are actually new machines.

Even though home industry keeps reducing the proportion of obsolete equipment in general, power engineering is still doing badly. In 2000, 12% of operating equipment had to be used despite the fact that it was by no means suitable any longer; the figure reached 25% by 2005 and, should nothing change about the current situation, this will rise to a frightening 37%.

As regards the power lines, 46% of them are 16 to 30 years old, 33% are over 30 years old, and 21% are less than 15 years old. Provided no steps have been taken, 52% of lines in the central part of Russia, 44% of Siberian power lines, and 34% of Ural ones will have been completely worn out by 2010.

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