Sverdlovsk Region does 14.3% more mining in 2006 vs. 2005

20 March 2007 (07:42)

The report on the socio-economic development of Sverdlovsk Region in 2006 states that the region’s industrial enterprises produced and shipped 37.5 billion RUR worth of minerals (which is 14.3% better than in 2005), 597.7 billion RUR worth of manufacturing produce (which is 26.7% better than a year earlier), and 77 billion RUR worth of goods related to production and distribution of electricity, gas, and water (which is 27.2% better than in 2005).

The industrial production index went up 6.9%, with the greatest figures achieved in industrial production (33.7%), electrical, electronic, and optical equipment production (26.3%), non-metal mineral production (7.3%), metallurgical goods production, and other types of industries (23.5%).

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