Over 135 billion RUR to be invested in Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Yekaterinburg

22 June 2007 (13:24)

Over 135 billion RUR will be invested in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Yekaterinburg in 2009, Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Eduard Rossel announced at a preparatory committee meeting. This year, for instance, 3.2 billion RUR will be allocated from various budgets.

The preparatory committee’s proceedings were assisted by First Deputy Minister of Transport Alexander Misharin, President’s Administrator Vladimir Kozhin, Assistant to the President Sergey Prikhodko, Director of Russian Federation President Expert Department Arkadiy Dvorkovich, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Losyukov, Secretary of State and Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Dmitiry Peskov.

Prior to the Governor’s announcement, Deputy Head of Sverdlovsk Region Government Oleg Gusev spoke of less impressive figures. According to his preliminary estimates, 15 billion RUR were to be contributed from the federal budget, 18 billion RUR had to be provided with the help of the regional budget, and 90 billion RUR were expected to be attracted from businesses and organizations.

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