Chelyabinsk Region Government approves of action plan based on President’s address

28 May 2007 (08:05)

Chelyabinsk Region Government approved of the action plan based on the President’s address to the Federal Assembly for 2007 on May 24, 2007.

According to regional Minister of Economic Development Yuri Klepov, the plan covers four general trends: ensuring great economic growth, improving the living standards, empowering the local governments, and providing for national security.

President Vladimir Putin said economic growth was the country’s utmost challenge, which is why Chelyabinsk Region Government intends to keep supporting small and medium-scale business, with 53.5 million RUR already invested this year. Besides, the government is planning to back up young people’s business ideas, create business incubators, and focus on innovational development (nanotechnologies in particular).

The region is also going to get new power-generating facilities and make better use of local coal reserves. Gross regional product is expected to rise by at least 8% before the end of the year; this amounts to 500 billion RUR. Industrial output is supposed to grow by 9% (or 650 billion RUR), agriculture by 3.7% (or 50 billion RUR); foreign investments are predicted to go up by 25% and amount to $1.8 billion.

Improvements in terms of living standards comprise some measures aimed at making high-tech medical services more accessible through introducing telemedicine in the regional hospitals, putting up a cardiovascular surgery center, and a tomography medical unit for early diagnostics of cancer. All of the above is estimated to increase average life longevity from 65 years last year to 66.3 years this year as well as to decrease infant mortality to 7.5 babies per 1,000 newborns.

Finally, in order to make them more effective, local governments will be given more authority and are to receive 153 billion RUR from the federal budget.

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