Chelyabinsk Region becomes one of Russia’s socio-economic leaders in 2006

24 April 2007 (13:16)

The Russian Federation Ministry of Regional Development drew up a report on the country’s socio-economic development in 2006, to be presented to the Russian Federation Government to check the executive branch’s compliance with the top strategic tasks (namely, improvements in the people’s living standards, rapid economic growth, and working on the country’s developmental potential).

According to this report, Chelyabinsk Region was Russia’s No.5 in terms of population incomes; the region citizens’ incomes increased by 47.4% compared to 2005. What is more, these incomes grew faster than the housing bills.

Besides, Chelyabinsk Region was Russia’s 10th most dynamically developing city in terms of housing construction; 1.235m square meters of dwellings were introduced in the region last year.

The region was Russia’s 3d largest exporter of home-produced goods (outstripped only by Moscow and Moscow Region) and 6th greatest receiver of foreign investments (the total volume of investments came to $1.5bn in 2006, which leaves behind Tyumen and Sverdlovsk Regions with their $1.4bn worth of investments each).

Chelyabinsk Region has the country’s 6th largest budgetary revenues that rose by 3% last year, the spokesperson for Governor of Chelyabinsk Region reports.

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