11 bridges flooded in Sverdlovsk Region

27 April 2007 (11:38)

The water level has gone up in most of the local rivers over the last two days, with the highest rise of water level recorded in the River Sosva. 11 bridges have been flooded, 21 settlements with the total population of 2,826 people got isolated from the rest of the world. The water level in the Pyshma now amounts to 509 centimeters against the critical 640 centimeters; the figure comes to 764 centimeters (against the critical 1,140 centimeters) for the Nitsa and to 521 centimeters (against the critical 840 centimeters) in the Tura. Three bridges located in the villages of Zhukovskoye, Chernyshovo, and Galaktionovka (all in the vicinity of the Tura) have been flooded sine April 11, 2007; three more bridges over the Tura based in the villages of Kuminovskoye, Makui, and Turinskaya Sloboda and one bridge over the Nitsa based in Krasnoslobodskoye have been flooded since April 14, 2007.

The water level in the Ufa now comes to 297 centimeters against the critical 450 centimeters. One highway bridge over the river has been flooded since April 22, 2007.

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