Local malls are filled up, Deputy Chairperson of Yekaterinburg Commodities Market Committee says

27 April 2007 (11:46)

‘There are virtually no places available for sellers in the local malls: out of 16 trade centers we’ve got, 14 malls are totally filled up, and there is a long waiting list of those wishing to get a place into the bargain. As for the remaining two malls, they can offer round about 500 square meters and their management companies are on the lookout for a tenant who could make the place more popular, so they aren’t willing to let the area to just about anyone,’ Deputy Chairperson of Yekaterinburg Commodities Market Committee Natalia Firstova said to UrBC.

‘On average, there are 200 to 300 applications for a place per 150 current tenants in each trade center, and these tenants normally suit the malls perfectly. Retailers no longer put up their own shops but choose to locate themselves in specialized shopping areas that have recently been set up or will be introduced in the future. This is good for both the sellers and the malls since the management company gets to know the number and types of tenants in advance and can provide for the certain area size and the height of the ceiling,’ Ms Firstova observed.

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