First Deputy Head of Government Sergey Ivanov visits Uralmashzavod

23 April 2007 (10:14)

First Deputy Head of Russian Government Sergey Ivanov, Plenipotentiary Representative of Russian Federation President in Ural Federal District Petr Latyshev, and Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Eduard Rossel visited the premises of Uralmashzavod to discuss the plant’s developmental prospects with the company’s new management.

The visitors examined the welding and the machine-assembly departments of the plant; Mr. Ivanov asked the workers to tell him about their working conditions and the level of pay. He assured the employees that, given the current rise in the Russian economy and industrial production, the produce of the globally known company would enjoy unprecedented demand. The plant, he said, was about to receive a lot of new investments and have some efficient technologies imported. Its capacity could be used, for example, for developing the northern parts of Russia.

According to CEO Nazim Efendiev, the restoration project for the plant was designed in 2005; it comprises three stages: firstly, all of the assets are to be consolidated, all the engineering facilities are to be restored, design and planning documents are to be retrieved. Secondly, the company should start producing goods it is experienced in such as metallurgical and ore mining equipment as well as produce meant for the defense industry and power engineering units in Sverdlovsk Region and the Urals. A new regional center of iron and steel casting will also be set up. Thirdly, the company is to get a new type of drilling platforms production meant for developing shelf oil deposits.

Eduard Rossel supported the plant’s management in their attempts to put an end to a long-term crisis and asked Mr. Ivanov to back up the company’s restoration plan. First Deputy Head of Government approved of the plan and said it complied with Russia’s economic development goals.

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