Rosaviation worries about lack of understanding between Ural Airlines and Koltsovo airport

18 April 2007 (14:44)

On Monday, Ural Airlines’ top managers received a cable from head of Rosaviation Evgeniy Bachurin regarding the anxiety the agency feels in terms of lack of understanding between the carrier and Koltsovo airport management.

‘I suggest that Koltsovo should try to host and service Ural Airlines’ flights in the summer of 2007 in compliance with the so-called historic slot schedule. The head of the local division of Rosaviation must see to this being done properly,’ the cable says.

Kolstovo airport executive announced at the 4th air travel conference Urals’ Open Sky 2007 on April 13, 2007 that they were fully prepared for the summer season. In the meantime, Ural Airlines’ first chartered flight of the season (flight 3639 bound for Antalya) was delayed by one and a half hours on April 14, 2007. This cannot be reasonably explained since no other flight was being serviced at the airport’s international terminal at the time. The unfortunate passengers and local travel agents alike were indignant at Koltsovo’s actions.

In order to protect its customers’ rights, Ural Airlines sent letters containing additional proposals for the new aviation rules (holding travel agents and air carriers accountable for flight cancellations or delays) to Rosaviation and Rostourism on April 16, 2007.

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