Ural Airlines announces new destinations

17 April 2007 (12:40)

Ural Airlines has recently reported that the carrier is fully prepared for the summer season. The company is still the regional leader in terms of Egypt- and Turkey-bound flights, and the number of passengers is expected to grow even further this summer. Chartered flights to Saloniki, Cyprus, and Bulgaria are going to be introduced in the very near future. Some new destinations will also become available in Chelyabinsk and some other cities, says the company’s press officer. Speaking of Chelyabinsk, there are three chartered flights to Antalya consolidated by Coral and More Travel this year; Ural Airlines is also going to cooperate with Natalie Tours to perform chartered flights to Spain and Italy as well as Samara-Cyprus flights. Some chartered flights will also be performed from Perm. However, the airline, like most leading global carriers, is interested in scheduled flights since they are more convenient for passengers (the tickets are available in any booking office in the world and are generally much cheaper; there are fewer luggage limitations into the bargain).

Ural Airlines remains as committed as ever to issues of safety, reliable regularity, and flexible tariffs. Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Eduard Rossel promised to let the carrier keep their so-called historic slots and to ask Koltsovo airport not to hinder the airline’s flights. He asked the company to introduce special fares for children and old-age travelers in exchange.

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