4,500 companies choose to use Bank24.ru online

17 April 2007 (12:46)

Online Bank24.ru registered its 4,500th client on April 16, 2007. This was Uniland Yekaterinburg, one of Sverdlovsk Region’s largest wholesale supermarkets. The winning customer was awarded with six months of free service.

‘I chose Bank24.ru because of a user-friendly interface and excellent operative qualities. The system allows you to create new documents easily since it supports quite a few specialized reference books. Besides, I was pleased to find out that the bank now accepts all the non-cash payments until 6 PM. It’s a great perk for Uniland, as wholesale trading involves suppliers and customers from all the time zones. This is why we want so much to be able to make online payments to anywhere on the globe,’ says Uniland Yekaterinburg CFO Galina Platun.

378 new enterprises went for Bank24.ru online in March 2007 alone. The bank’s e-clients made 54,630 payments, with the total turnover coming to 8,468,000,000 RUR, reports the bank’s press officer.

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