Regional grocery chains are at a certain advantage, claims Alliance Noncommercial Partnership

29 March 2007 (07:14)

Consumers have been able to shop in both regional supermarket chains and federal or foreign retailers’ stores lately. Alliance Noncommercial Partnership decided to look into the strengths of local chains (most of which have been around for more than a decade). An ad hoc committee met for the first time on March 27, 2007 to come to the conclusion that the regional grocery chains are at a certain advantage. Firstly, their stores are located conveniently for both pedestrians and drivers. Secondly, they are normally of a middle size, which is the best option in terms of saving one’s time and having a good choice of foods at the same time. A regular client knows where to look for the item they want, and there is enough room to display a nice assortment of goods. Thirdly, medium-scale groceries supply fresh food due to dynamic turnover. Finally, they use reliable suppliers, sell a lot of local produce, use customer loyalty schemes (membership discount cards, morning discounts, special offers and prize-winning lotteries), employ competent and dependable shop assistants, and offer extra services such as POS terminals, film developing, and florist’s.

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