Yekaterinburg-based retail enterprises’ turnover comes to 36 billion RUR in 2006

12 April 2007 (09:18)

Last year, Yekaterinburg-based retail enterprises and catering companies’ turnover came to 36 billion RUR and 1.5 billion RUR, respectively, reports the Commodities Market Committee under the city council.

60% of local retail enterprises are small businesses, with retail trade turnover per city dweller amounting to 12,545 RUR. The average pay figures in the field reached the point of 14,067 RUR in the first quarter of 2007.

There are 14 international, 13 federal, and 26 regional chains in Yekaterinburg at the moment; in fact, chains make up 28% of all stores in the city. The two most popular types of chains are those selling clothes and footwear (12 chains) and mobile phones (10 chains). In addition, 74 new stores with the total area of 301,000 square meters will be put up in 2007.

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