Koltsovo airport to give green light to people traveling to and from Russia on March 29, 2007

Koltsovo airport is going to give green light for customs clearance to people traveling to and from Russia on March 29, 2007, reports the spokesperson for Ural Customs Administration.

Head of Federal Customs Service signed the order regarding declaration of goods on November 22, 2006. This order regulates both the procedure itself and the list of customs stations where it should be applied. The system has been used abroad for quite a while already: passengers without large sums of money liable to declaration or forbidden goods are allowed to skip the customs check.

This is why the green-light procedure has been introduced in Koltsovo airport’s international terminal, which means that passengers with nothing to declare will be able to simply go ahead, and the customs officers will decide whether a particular passenger needs to be checked judging by their data or the passenger’s behavior. In case a traveler uses the opportunity to smuggle forbidden goods or goods liable to declaration, a criminal or administrative suit might be filed against him or her.

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