Koltsovo Airport: International Passengers Try Smuggling Over RUR 10m In Cash

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 20, 2018. Koltsovo Airport Customs officers detained a number of international-flight passengers with more than RUR 10m in cash they were trying to take on board undeclared, Ural Customs Administration’s press service reports.

A female traveler going to Tel Aviv had $13,000, ˆ2,000, and slightly over RUR 20,000 in her luggage. A passenger flying from Yekaterinburg to Hudzhand had a little more than RUR 1m on him in cash. A passenger on Yekaterinburg-Dushanbe flight was trying to take $10,000 and RUR 27,000 on board. All of the offenders chose the green route and claimed they were not aware of the customs regulations for taking cash across international borders.

The amounts exceeding the upper cash limit that can go undeclared got confiscated by the customs officers; the offenders will have to face administrative liability.

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