Yekaterinburg needs to develop its outsourcing market, says Deputy Mayor Viktor Konteev

22 March 2007 (11:00)

‘The city council has been trying to make Yekaterinburg more attractive to investors over the last few years; this has affected all the fields of local business, including the retail grocery market,’ Deputy Mayor Viktor Konteev announced at the conference devoted to regional trade in Russia on March 21, 2007.

Mr. Konteev maintains that 65% of all current investments are now transferred to the building industry (housing and commercial estate – in this order); retail market gets a lot of financing as well. The city’s economy, however, largely depends on the paying capacity of the city’s dwellers. As regards Yekaterinburg, it went up more than 12% last year. If the local citizens just don’t have enough money, all the recently introduced trade areas simply won’t enjoy any demand.

‘Another thing Yekaterinburg needs is the development of outsourcing, cleaning services, and security services. This is expected to additionally stimulate the development of the retail market,’ Mr. Konteev claims.

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