Gas-purifying facilities upgraded at Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise of Kachkanar

9 February 2007 (11:30)

A modernized electric dust-trapping filter has recently been re-launched at the agglomeration shop of Vanadium Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise of Kachkanar (part of Evraz Group), reports the spokesperson for Evraz.

The device is fitted with powerful electrodes capable of trapping the tiniest bits of iron-ore concentrate known as agglomeration dust. Now, the facility will reduce the harmful atmospheric emissions by 3,500 tons a year. In addition, recovered dust can be used for further production of concentrate.

The repair process began in September 2006; in a few months, the dust-catching electrodes were fully replaced, the old frame was substituted by a new high-resistance alloy steel one. The expenses were covered with the company’s investment funds meant for replacement of gas-purifying facilities. The last filter is expected to be launched this year, so the total amount of emissions is to drop by 20,500 tons.

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