Sverdlovsk Region’s GDP comes to 600bn RUR in 2006

31 January 2007 (13:24)

Alexei Vorobiev, Head of Sverdlovsk Region Government, conducted a Cabinet meeting on January 29, 2007. The meeting was devoted to the report on the region’s economic and social development in 2006 presented by Sverdlovsk Region Ministry of Economy and Labour.

The region’s GDP reached the point of 600bn RUR in 2006, which exceeds the figures for 2005 by 8%. Industrial production went up 7%, with machine-building industry output growing by over one-third.

Sverdlovsk Region attracted more than 120bn RUR worth of investments last year, of which $1.36bn came from foreign investors (which is 25% better than in 2005). According to Standard & Poor`s, the region’s rating rose from BB- to BB, reports the spokesperson for Sverdlovsk Region Government.

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