Network of power substations around Yekaterinburg to cost 5.3bn RUR

21 December 2006 (14:56)

Yekaterinburg municipal Duma is going to look at the investment program for the development of the electrical networks belonging to Yekaterinburg Electrical Networks Company in 2007-2009 on December 26, 2006. According to the statistical data, the electricity consumption has tripled within 2000-2005, and it still keeps growing. This is an alarming sign in terms of the city’s future development. In order to deal with the problem, Yekaterinburg Electrical Networks Company suggested constructing a network of additional substations around Yekaterinburg.

The total amount of investments needed comes to 5.3bn RUR; part of the money is likely to be collected through introducing a subscription fee for the new users. The local developers will have to pay 1,700 RUR for each square meter of the new dwelling; natural persons who put up private houses will have to pay five minimum wages, reports the spokesperson for Yekaterinburg municipal Duma.

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