Sverdlovsk Gubernskiy Bank holds Borrower’s Day

29 November 2006 (12:54)

Sverdlovsk Gubernskiy Bank held Borrower’s Day last weekend, celebrated by the bank and the residents of Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk Region. All people who visited the bank over the weekends were given gift certificates entitling them to a 25% discount off the initial commission the bank normally takes when giving a loan, and souvenirs bearing the bank logo, says the spokesperson for Sverdlovsk Gubernskiy Bank. What is more, any visitor could check out an impromptu artist’s studio and get their take-off sketched for them without setting foot outside the office.

The potential clients were curious about all of the bank’s the loan schemes; Sverdlovsk Gubernskiy Bank is currently offering four appealing programs to natural persons, namely, express loans, car loans, mortgage loans, and All-purpose loans.

‘The visitors wanted to learn about the other services of the bank, for example, about the types of deposits it offers and small business services. Some 1,500 people from Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk Region took part in the event,’ reports Head of Savings and Loan Center (the subsidiary of Sverdlovsk Gubernskiy Bank) Kamilya Lavrova.

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