SGB launches new loan

14 September 2009 (07:55)

Sverdlovsk Gubernskiy Bank recently launched a new consumer loan offer that is extremely easy to get: one only needs two pieces of documentation, and no guarantee or guarantors are necessary. The maximum amount of money one can take out from the bank is 50,000 RUR for a one-year period. Customers can pay the loan back in one or several installments without any extra charges, fines, or commissions.

‘This is, in fact, the bank’s third lending offer. Our latest market research made it clear that consumers need some easily available loans for small-scale spending. This loan type is specifically designed to cover this market niche,’ says Sverdlovsk Gubernskiy Bank’s First Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board Konstantin Lazarev.

In addition to this newest loan, the bank is also offering its clients a no-limit, five-year consumer loan and a three-year, no-guarantors-needed loan of up to 150,000 RUR.

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