Ural Airlines to present Airbus 320

23 November 2006 (11:22)

Ural Airlines are going to conduct a presentation of Airbus 320, the Ural Region’s first European aircraft of this kind. The presentation will take place in Koltsovo Airport at 2.30 PM on November 23, 2006. The visitors will be able to have a tour of the flight deck and examine the plane that is capable of travelling, let’s say, from Yekaterinburg to any point in South-East Asia without having to be refuelled.

The Russian and foreign experts will be able to answer the visitors’ questions concerning , for example, the reason why Airbus 320 was the plane the majority of the world’s leading carriers ordered at Farnborough Air Show 2006 (1,560 orders), or what the fuel efficiency of the plane is, or what part Aeroflot - Russian Airlines play in the project. The team of experts is made up of the representatives of Airbus, the aircraft constructing MNC, in Russia, and of the executives from the federal and regional authorities. The guests will also be instructed on how to drive a modern airliner like this and given a master class.

After the test flight, the visitors will be invited to a ‘cereal’ (which means ‘reception’ in pilots’ slang), says the press officer for Ural Airlines.

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