Over 200 people check out stand of Sverdlovsk Gubernskiy Bank at job fair

Over 200 people checked out the stand of Sverdlovsk Gubernskiy Bank at the job fair called Career Day 2006 that took place at the Sports Palace of Yekaterinburg on October 27, 2006. Among over 30 participants were the regional banks, including Citibank, Joint-stock commercial bank AK BARS JSC, Ural division of the Bank of Russia, and Sverdlovsk Gubernskiy Bank.

According to the personnel experts of the bank, the age of job candidates ranged between 20 and 40, with the potential employees taking interest in all the vacancies the bank had to offer, particularly those in the fields of IT-technologies, system administrators, credit experts, accountants, and jobs that required no special experience, reports the bank’s spokesperson.

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