Ural Turbine Works CJSC (part of Renova Group) launches new turbine blade high-speed processing sector

3 October 2006 (11:54)

On October 2, 2006, Ural Turbine Works CJSC (part of Renova Group) started the new turbine blades high-speed processing sector.

The company management chose the specialized machines produced by Lichty, Shaublin and Koher of Switzerland as the main manufacturing equipment of the sector. The machines display high-level technology processing and have proved to be effective while employed by the world’s leading power equipment and turbine blade manufacturers. The introduction of the machines will result in speeding up the production of turbine blades of an innovative design, reducing the duration and the labor-output ratio of the processing operations, bringing down the number of setting-up and manual operations and increasing the performance sustainability.

With the annual production output of 12,000 turbine blades, not only is the new sector going to cover the company’s inner demand, but it will also support the extension of the company after-sales service in Russia and abroad.

The total investments into the turbine blade sector project come to ?2m. Some pieces of equipment were purchased on the terms of leasing agreement.

The start of blade production is an essential part of Ural Turbine Works five-year strategic development plan. Within 2007-2010, the company is to complete technical re-equipment of the blade producing complex including the introduction of new highly effective processing technologies in production of all types of turbine blades. The company also designed a more general technical re-equipment program embracing all kinds of activities from engineering to production shipments. On September 18, 2006, the company’s Board of Directors approved of the investments program that provides for purchasing of more new machines and Pro/ENGINEER CAD as well as schedules a set of essential energy-saving measures. The total investments to be made within the framework of the program will amount to 80m RUR. The information was reported by PR-department of Ural Turbine Works CJSC.

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