Ural turbine works modernizes equipment of its machine-assembly department

3 May 2006 (11:58)

Uralsky Turbinny Zavod CJSC (Ural Turbine Works, member of RENOVA Group) proceeds with purchasing and modernization of production facilities within the framework of corporate technical re-equipment program.

At the beginning of March 2006, the company installed at its machine-assembly department No. 1 and put into operation a new program-controlled merry-go-round machine for processing disks of steam turbine rotors. It is the company’s first machine allowing to process the details of irregular shape that carries out their complete machining.

In addition, on April 28, 2006 the company started mounting of a specialized screw-cutting lathe at the machine-assembly department No. 1. The machine had been overhauled and modernized. It processes different kinds of rotors. During the modernization, the screw-cutting lathe was provided with a digital data display allowing improvement of the machine management and its working accuracy. This is to contribute to improvement of the company’s production output quality in accordance with the international quality standards. The machine is able to process two rotors monthly.

Ural Turbine Works technical re-equipment plans for 2006 also envisages purchasing and installation of three milling machines at the machine-assembly department No. 1.

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