Former Mayor of Snezhinsk Anatoliy Oplanchuk charged with theft, bribery, and abuse of power

29 September 2006 (12:54)

The Court of Chelyabinsk Region announced the bill of particulars regarding former Mayor of Snezhinsk Anatoliy Oplanchuk and his accomplices (four more people) today.

According to the spokesperson for the Court, the parties set up a few pleas this morning, including the petition of Sergey Minyaev’s counsel concerning transferring the case back to the public prosecutor due to violations of the law (the accused had not been informed about the former director of Snezhinskiy Fund classed as the victim’s representative before the papers were placed with the court). The judge took some time to think and then decided to decline the petition as there were some other people who acted as the victim’s representatives in court, so the rights of the accused were not infringed upon.

The Court agreed to consider Director of Snezhinsk town council Nikita Kapustin the representative of the local deputies, especially given the procuration he produced. Mr Kapustin asked the court to accept the letter of the local administration asking not to class them as victims as no damage had been done to them or the town by Mr Oplanchuk’s actions. The public prosecutor then announced the bill of particulars.

The bill includes offenses mentioned in Articles 285, 160, 290, and 286 of Russian Criminal Code (abuse of power leading to grave consequences, large-scale theft, large-scale bribery). The offenses of the other four accomplices are covered by Article 160.

Evidence will be presented by the prosecution at 10 AM on September 29, 2006.

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