Public prosecution bodies of Yamal appeals against sentence concerning Chairman of EuroGreen Ilya Gaffner due to lenient penalty

The public prosecution bodies of Yamal intend to appeal from the judgement of Court of Noviy Urengoi concerning Chairman of EuroGreen Ilya Gaffner due to lenient penalty. The accused was charged with arrears of wages to employees of SevTumenTransPut and got three years on parole. The plans of the public prosecution authorities were reported by Senior Assistant to the Public Prosecutor Evgeniy Zalov.

‘The Prosecutor was asking for three and a half years in prison and the non-eligibility period of two years that would prevent Mr Gaffner from serving in senior positions,’ Mr Zalov said.

After the court of Noviy Urengoy sentenced him to three years on parole with a 12-month probation period, Mr Gaffner resigned from the chairmanship as well as ceased to be the General Director of EuroGreen. The prosecution was dissatisfied with the verdict and decided to appeal against the sentence to higher courts.

Mr Gaffner was charged with failing to pay the employees of SevTyumenTransPut around 47m RUR (Article 145-1 (Part 2) of Russian Criminal Code); he also allegedly transmitted the money onto the accounts of some Yekaterinburg firms.

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