Average of 73.8% of seats used within Ural Airlines aircraft in January- August 2006

Ural Airlines looked at their achievements in the eight months of 2006. The company’s re-branding, for example, led to the average 73.8% of seats used within an aircraft each flight, which is 4.7% better than in January-August 2005, says Commercial Director of Ural Airlines JSC Kirill Skuratov.

According to the carrier’s recent press release, the company sees breaking into the global market and becoming a truly international company as its top strategic priorities. This includes world-class service and fleet as well as flying all over the globe. In order to achieve these goals, the company spends most of its money and human resources on the quality and content of the service rather than its outer form. Some quality improvements became visible as early as February 2006, directly after the top priorities had been laid out for the company.

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