Preliminary estimates of damage done to Russian Railways by fallen bridge in Yekaterinburg amount to 40-50 million RUR

8 September 2006 (12:54)

The repair-and-renewal operations at the site of a fallen highway bridge were completed during the day yesterday. The railways at Sverdlovsk-Passazhirskiy-Shartash haul were cleared from the ferroconcrete blocs, and the first operational train used this section of TransSiberian main line at 2.50 PM Moscow time.

According to the estimates of Sverdlovsk Region Railways, the damage done to Russian Railways amounted to approximately 40 to 50 million RUR. Since the highway bridge fell upon the railways, 111 freight trains and 104 passenger trains had to be delayed. While the teams of workers were busy with the repair and renewal, the trains used the Northern and the South bypasses and the SouthUral Railways, reports the spokesperson for Sverdlovsk Region Railways.

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