Alexei Mironov: Granit crucial to heavy trains

The second pilot sample of Granit (Series 2ES10), Russia’s only electric locomotive with an asynchronic tract gear created by Ural Locomotives (Sinara Group and Siemens’s joint venture) has been successfully tested at Sverdlovsk Region Railways in accordance with the technical requirements of Russian Railways Public Company.

Head of Sverdlovsk Region Railways Alexei Mironov says the introduction of the new 2ES10 locomotive is particularly important for the coordination of heavy trains at West-Siberian, South-Ural, and Sverdlovsk Region Railways. Thanks to Granit, transit trains of 6,300 kg and up can now move along the difficult mountain roads without the need to break up weight or detach the locomotive.

In the future, if the 2ES10 locomotive appears in a three-section mode, we will design and launch a technology for handling heavy trains of 9,000 tons on Sverdlovsk Region rails without the need to break up weight or detach the locomotive, which will cut the prime cost of shipment and increase the carrying capacity of the railways,’ Mironov stressed.

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