Regional bauxite ore maker introducing electronic management system

15 August 2006 (13:00)

38 senior staff members of SevUralBauxitRuda (SUBR) JSC, including representatives of the accounting staff, of the works and building department, of the plant engineering, of finance, planning and industrial safety departments, have successfully learned to use SAP R/3 integrated ERP-platform-based accounting system.

SAP R/3 ERP-platform-based computer-aided management system is an automated enterprise management system composed of numerous modules supporting different business processes.

‘Introduction of the system is to allow the staff on-the-fly access to the whole complex of the relevant information thus speeding up their reactions to the changing environment formed as a result of timely and balanced decisions. The system will also optimize the inventory transactions checkup,’ indicated Viktor Radko, GD of SUBR JSC.

The group of SevUralBauxitRuda representatives was trained at Irkutsk Aluminum Production Unit, a subsidiary of SUAL Group. Here, the following facilities of the system were introduced: accounting, tax bookkeeping, controlling, planning, cost control, product flow management, sales management and procurement management. Since last year, all units of SUAL JSC started using the system, and in 2006 the other parts of SUAL Group started introducing it.

At the moment, SUBR JSC is designing the project of introduction of the new program and modeling its industrial and economic activity.

The new system will contain the total corporate information and accomplish a real-time presentation of the industrial processes in a systematic way.

After the senior staff training is completed, the company will start training its junior staff and designing step-by-step instructions. SUBR JSC is going to start working under the new system within January 2007.

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