Pure copper production in Chelyabinsk Region rises by 24% in six months of 2006 compared to year earlier

20 July 2006 (13:52)

The production of iron and blast-furnace ferroalloys in Chelyabinsk Region grew by 3.4% in the six months of 2006 compared to the first half of 2005; the output of rolled metal went up by 8.7%, steel output increased by 4.6%, steel tubes output by 18.8%. The output of ferrosilicon rose by 2.8 times, pure copper output grew by 24%, nickel output by 33%. In addition, 9.6% more metal products were produced compared to the period of January to June 2005, the spokesperson for Chelyabinsk Region Ministry of Economic Development said to UrBC representative.

The experts from the Ministry have also commented on the successful operation of Zinc Plant of Chelyabinsk, Electrolytic Copper Works of Kyshtym, Karabashmed CJSC and other regional metallurgical enterprises.

As for the machine-building business, the output of column cranes rose by 51.1%, output of tractors by 26.4%, output of haulers by 23.2%, output of bulldozers by 13.9%, output of motor graders by 10.6%.

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