ChelIndBank JSC rates 14th in group ******** in Bankir.Ru rating for June 2006

Having conducted a fundamental analysis of the bank’s accounting reports up to June 1, 2006, the independent experts from Bankir.Ru stated that ChelIndBank JSC had a low credit risk rate as well as great financial stability and paying capacity.

According to the experts, the bank’s resources are quite diversified in terms of attracting investments and in terms of currencies; there are no arrears of payments so far as attracted investments are concerned, and the sources of capital are found altogether reliable. The assets were classed as good quality ones and the profitability of operations as stable.

The bank’s liquidity and the management quality were rated as high; the company was found quite transparent and open information wise. The experts also commented on the bank’s spotless reputation.

The credit rating called Bankir.Ru was created in April 2004 and gives an integrated short-term rating assessment of a bank’s financial stability and creditworthiness based on fundamental qualitative and quantitative analysis of their activity by a group of independent experts.

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