SKB-Bank’s reliability rating goes up

The Finance magazine’s analysts drew up a rating of Russian banks’ reliability on the basis of the data available as of the first quarter of 2011. SKB-Bank was promoted by one position, with its reliability rating rising from B+ to BB-. This is the highest rating level reached by Sverdlovsk Region-based banks.

The bank’s rating was calculated on the basis of formalized assessments of its assets and liabilities, its capital and liquidity, and on the basis of the qualitative evaluation of the non-financial information available. The rating was affected by such criteria as the dynamics, the structure, and the quality of the bank’s liquid assets, its lending portfolio, its securities portfolio, and other investments, as well as by the funding resources, capitalization adequacy, ability to meet the necessary economic requirements, liquidity status, and some other factors.

The increase in the rating means the bank’s financial performance keeps on improving stably and the quality of the bank’s assets, liabilities, and assets is thought of in favorable terms,’ experts point out.

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