Chelyabinsk Airport JSC to pass dividend for 2005 due to lack of profit

12 July 2006 (12:44)

Due to lack of profit, the shareholders of Chelyabinsk Airport JSC decided to pass dividend for 2005 in the course of the annual general meeting on June 21, 2006. The meeting was attended by shareholders possessing 82.1113% of votes. The shareholders approved of the company’s annual report, the accounting report, including the P&L statement, and decided not to distribute the non-existent profit and to declare a zero dividend.

The participants of the meeting elected the Members of the Board: Vera Evsyukova, Alexander Merten, Viktor Mironenko, Sergey Solntsev, Alexei Savchenkov, Alexander Vlasov, and Alexander Windermut. They also decided on having the three-member inspection committee and elected Balance Auditing Firm Ltd. the company’s auditor.

The shareholders did not approve of the revised edition of the company’s Charter.

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