UralAutoPritsep JSC to pass a dividend for 2005

12 July 2006 (12:58)

The shareholders of UralAutoPritsep decided to use the company’s profit made in 2005 to make up for the previous losses. This decision was made in the course of the annual general meeting that took place in Moscow on June 23, 2006. The meeting was attended by the shareholders and their authorized representatives who possessed 2,407,567 votes, or 85.8% of the company’s voting stock.

The shareholders approved of the company’s annual report, the accounting report, including the P&L statement, and agreed to the recommendation made by the Board of Directors (the Board suggested using the company’s profit made in 2005 to cover the losses). They also decided to pass both the ordinary and preference share dividend.

Nilan Audit Ltd. was elected the company’s Auditor; the attendees also elected three members of the inspection committee and seven Board Members: Egor Andreev, Lyudmila Andreeva, Jema Kovaleva, Anastassia Kalugina, Natalia Kalabina, Vladimir Kulakov, and Oleg Kopylov.

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