Regional phone operator Utel refuses to extend its client network

30 June 2006 (12:41)

‘We are currently not interested in the dramatic widening of our client network. If, for whatever reason, our subscribers happen to be unhappy with Utel service, then, according to the existing legislation, we can simply cancel our agreements,’ Deputy GD of Uralsvyasinform JSC (Utel’s owner) Andrey Belobokov announced at the press conference yesterday.

According to Mr Belobokov, the company is trying to raise its profits rather than increase the number of subscribers as 90% of the company’s clients are quite active users of the service.

‘We are not organizing any promotion events to attract more subscribers; neither do we deal in dumping in terms of payments for becoming the company’s client. The would-be subscriber does have to pay to become one, and this is the policy we intend to stick to,’ said Mr Belobokov.

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