Ural aluminum plant already processed 5,000,000 tons of bauxites from Timanskiy deposit

Ural aluminum plant (subsidiary of SUAL JSC) has already processed 5 million tons of bauxites from Timanskiy deposit by May 24, 2006. The company processed its first million tons between October 1998 and June 2001, the 3 million tons record was set in June 2004.

Given the particular properties of Timanskiy bauxite, the plant’s employees from the production department and from experimental and argil shops had to adapt their techniques as well as introduce new schemes and equipment to deal with these peculiarities.

‘The 5-million-ton figure is an impressive hallmark for both argil specialists and all of the company’s personnel as well as for the staff of Timanskiy bauxite mine. We started cooperating as early as 1993 when we set to perfecting the technological aspects of the work and using the new Russian deposit bauxites in our production,’ said GD of Ural aluminum plant Boris Smolyanitskiy.

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