Regional gas company sums up its achievements in the first quarter of 2006

In the first three months of 2006, Uralsevergas CJSC (associated operator of ITERA in Sverdlovsk Region) has supplied the region with 6.065bn cubic meters of natural gas, which exceeds the figures for the corresponding period of 2005 by 4.84%, reports the company’s spokesperson.

The company manages to fully cover the region’s industrial and social needs. The supplies are currently being performed under the Cooperation Agreement for 2004-2008 signed by Sverdlovsk Region Government and ITERA.

The average annual amount of gas supply by Uralsevergas went up from 15.3bn cubic meters in 1999 to 18.1bn in 2005 (by 18.3%). The total amount of supply to Sverdlovsk Region in 1999-March 2006 came to 121.8bn cubic meters.

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