LUKOIL production and sales of industrial oil to be managed by LLK International

‘In February 2005, the department of production and sales of industrial oil was set up by LUKOIL JSC; it dealt with all the issues pertaining to production and commercial activity in the oil field. In October 2005, the company decided to establish LLK International Ltd. and empower it with all the managing liabilities in this area,’ Deputy Commercial GD of LLK International Alexander Terletskiy at the conference called ‘LLK International for Industrial Oil Consumers’.

‘I’d like to put special emphasis upon the fact that the arrival of this company is not a simple change in the legal scheme. We have set a number of goals, for instance, in the field of customer service. We used to have many offices that could not effectively handle the service, but now we are hoping to get them to improve. We are also able to develop new products in one place now and work on the packaging as well,’ Mr Terletskiy said.

‘LLK International is not going to be made into a brand – we’ll keep on working as part of LUKOIL.’

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