Magnesite Industrial Complex raises refractory goods shipments by 3.9% in ten months of 2006 compared with January-October 2005

13 November 2006 (12:52)

Magnesite Industrial Complex (part of Magnesite Group Holding) raised its refractory goods and commercial powders production by 6.5% (up to 320,200 tons) and by 12.9% (up to 661,800 tons), respectively, in January-October 2006 (compared to the corresponding months of 2005).

The company managed to increase its shipments of commercial powders by 9.1% (up to 661,800 tons) in ten months of 2006 (compared to January-October 2005) and shipped 3.9% more refractory goods (over 307,000 tons) over the same period.

The shipments of refractory goods to Russian consumers amounted to almost 250,000 tons in January-October 2006, which exceeds the figures for the ten months of 2005 by 1.4%. The shipments of commercial powders came to over 450,000 tons, which is 6.3% better than in January-October 2005, the spokesperson for Magnesite Group said to UrBC representative.

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