Kalinin Works puts 11-hectares of land up to auction

18 April 2006 (12:18)

Kalinin Works put an 11-hectare patch of land up to auction; the area is occupied by office and production buildings as well as warehouses, the company’s intermediary, Director of Derby Realtor Company Sergey Saifullin said to UrBC representative.

‘The Works decided to sell this patch a while ago and has already received a number of transaction agreements, from Almaz-Antey, for instance. Over 30 businesses are thinking of buying it at the moment, yet as the company is interested in selling the whole patch at once or maybe splitting it in no more than 2 or 3 parts we had to refuse most applicants. There are really only 2 applicants now, though things may change as soon as tomorrow,’ Mr Saifullin said.

‘I can’t give you the names of the official applicants, nor am I allowed to give the financial details of the transaction. What I can say is this: the opening bid comes to a few million dollars,’ Mr Saifullin reported.

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