Uralvagonzavod-Finance Ltd. pays interest on the first bond coupon of the series 02

10 April 2006 (09:20)

Uralvagonzavod-Finance Ltd. paid interest on the first bond coupon of the series 02.

The interest was paid on 3m interest-bearing documentary non-convertible bearer bonds, each having the face value of 1,000 RUR and maturity date of 1826th day from the offering date.

The bond issue has the state registration number 4-02-36063-R dd. August 30, 2005. The first bond coupon interest rate is approved by the GD of Uralvagonzavod-Finance by the order No. 3 dd. October 5, 2005.

The total amount of interest to be paid came to 139,860,000 RUR (the interest rate is 9.35% per annum). The interest to be paid on a bond came to 46.62 RUR.

The interest is to be paid before April 5, 2006. According to the company, to date the interest has been paid up.

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