UBRD-finance pays on bond coupons

13 January 2009 (09:25)

The Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development-finance (the Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s 100% daughter enterprise) paid 25,243,245.72 RUR on its second issue’s bond’s 10th coupon on January 11, 2009. 31.16 RUR was paid per each 1,000 RUR bond (at 12.5% annual interest rate).

It was determined by the issuer that the coupon yield for 9th to 12th coupons would come to 12.5% a year, or 31.16 RUR per each 1,000 RUR bond. The coupon payments on the 11th coupon are to be made on April 2, 2009; those for the 12th coupon are to be made on July 2, 2009, alongside with the retirement of the bonds.

Meanwhile, UBRD-finance bought out about 30% of the bonds during the offer in July 2008 and then sold a portion of those again. At the moment, about 81% of the issue is still in circulation.

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