Metallurgical Works of Nizhny Tagil gets its plants, workshops and hydroengineering units ready for the spring flood

9 March 2006 (10:26)

Niznetagilsky Metallurgichesky Kombinat JSC (NTMK, Metallurgical works of Nizhny Tagil), member of Evraz Group, has begun preparing its plants, workshops and hydroengineering units for the spring flood.

According to NTMK PR-department, within March 2006 the company will clear all the railway ditches, melted snow water inlets and the branch lines leading to hydroengineering units. Operators of the company’s water intakes and the boiler shop staff involved in exploiting the company’s slime storage pond on the Tagil river flood-lands will be given special instructions. The company’s supply office is ordered to provide the company’s water-supply shop and the heat power plant with the required toolware and expendable goods.

The company has also begun the equipment inspection in all of its hydroengineering units located on Nizhny Tagil and Lenyovka storage ponds, Verkhny Prudok pool, and the clearance pools of Malaya Kushva and Vyazovka rivers.

The company’s Chief Power Engineer’s Office started to control the degree of replenishment of the dependent storage ponds on a regular basis. The company is going to coordinate the functioning of its hydroengineering units during the spring flood with the local government.

NTMK is going to set up an ad-hoc committee headed by the company’s Chief Engineer to keep an eye on the realization of all its decisions concerning the spring flood preparation.

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