EVRAZ NTMK Places 5,000 Baby Fish in Nizhniy Tagil’s Ponds

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, September 24, 2018. EVRAZ Holding’s Nizhniy Tagil Integrated Metallurgical Works (NTMK) placed 5,000 baby grass carps in the city’s ponds and rivers for the first time this year. The fish will now live in Nizhniy Tagil Pond and Lenevskoye Reservoir, the holding’s press service reports.

‘Grass carps are herbivorous fish that eat green algae and phytoplankton. A baby fish weighs about fifty grams. These are useful in that they prevent excessive weediness and eat up dead plants, which boosts the oxygen content within,’ the press service says.

Experts are now going to watch the adjustment process. In 2019, a number of silver carps are expected to get added to the ponds as well.

EVRAZ NTMK has also been using exotic plants such as chlorella, water hyacinth, and water lettuce to clean up the local waters. The plants in question live on both organic and non-organic stuffs. The plant is also using coal filters to purify its manufacturing water.

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