Fireproof Works of Kyshtym builds up its production output

17 February 2006 (09:50)

Fireproof Works of Kyshtym (part of Magnesite Group) sold 2.5 times more produce than in the last three years (61% more of chamottes, for instance) in 2005. This means that the works managed to achieve their goal of doubling their gross output in less than 3 years; the company is now rated as profitable and gradually breaks into the fireproof markets of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

According to GD Vladimir Zaitsev, the works will launch some new items in 2006 which should make up one third of the total output.

The company’s gross output comprised 8,973,000 RUR in January 2006. The production output and sales of commercial powders at Fireproof Works of Kyshtym grew by 155,6% compared to the same figures for the previous year and came to 182.8 tons. Delivery of the company’s production under the contract signed in September 2005 for a six-month period with Rosatomstroy Federal State Unitary Enterprise (which the company carries out according to an agreement of storing, destruction and non-proliferation of nuclear arms between Russia and USA signed in 1992) increased. If Fireproof Works of Kyshtym keeps up with its shipping pace, then its obligations of the contract will be met within February 2006.

In January 2006, cleanup activities to start production of high-aluminous fillers proceeded at a rapid pace. The company is going to start its industrial production within February 2006.

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