Road building machines maker of Chelyabinsk to launch new V125 frontlift

Chelyabinskiye Stroitenlno-Dorozhniye Macshini JSC, road building machines maker of Chelyabinsk, has decided to launch repetition work of a new V125 frontlift in the summer of 2006.

Says the company’s Chief Designer Viktor Revin: ‘The launch of this frontlift will allow us to master the production of all the other varieties. We are currently making frontlifts with 2-, 3- and 4- cubic meter loader bucket capacity, yet the ones that sell best are the 1.5-cubic meter capacity models. There is a demand for them, so we decided to launch the V125 frontlift with 1.5-cubic meter bucket capacity.’

According to Mr Revin, the new frontlift will be fit with the engine produced in Minsk, Byelorussia, Ukrainian bridges, and transmission made in Murom, Russia.

‘The frontlift is most likely to be distributed in the Urals, Volga region and Kazakhstan. We are hoping to produce around 50 items this year, and the orders are already being sent,’ Mr Revin said.

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